This week I had the pleasure of talking to Annie Chung, Annie is from Pasadena and has an older brother Ryan, older sister Winnie. Annie Came to school in hopes of having a fresh start. When applying to school here she knew absolutely no one and was looking for an adventure and new friends. Since then Annie has branched out and made plenty of new friends and began to focus on shaping her future. Annie is a Freshman who is majoring in Health Science here at CSULB because she didn’t want to com into the year as undeclared. Annie unfortunately  is unsure with what she wants to do with her major. However she is hoping that with time here at school  she will be able to find what she’s looking for in a future career. This is one of the reasons why she is really paying attention to her General Education classes, in hopes f it inspiring a peak of interest which could prompt a possible career choice.

Annie realized that one of the key’s to success in college that will help you later in life is to get a head start when it comes t finding an internship within her major. It is because of this that She wants to get an internship with Kaiser. Kaiser is located just about 2-3 miles off of campus which deals with Medicare and Health professions. Annie hopes that this internship will spark an interest in a specific job that could help narrow down what she wants to do in life because with the medical profession there are endless possibilities.

When Annie isn’t at school she likes to bake in her free time. When Annie was little she started baking with her aunt, and it was from the very first day that she fell in love. She has continued to bake ever since, her favorite pastry and desert to bake are both macaroons and cupcakes. She spends most of her free time baking, however she does not play any sports and is currently looking for a job t make a stable source of income.