This week I had the pleasure of meeting Amilcar Perez, Amilcar also goes by the name (AP).  Amilcar was born in Guatemala and moved to Long Beach when he was five years old, and he has lived here ever since. He has a younger sister named  Becky and a little niece named Penelope who is currently a year old.

Amilcar went to Millikan High School here in long beach where he played Varsity volleyball.  In his free time he enjoys skating, surfing and camping.  In his spare time he enjoys drawing and listening to music in all genres. He also dabbles in photography, he likes to take photos of nature, particularly landscapes.

When Amilcar has some free time and gets to relax at home he loves to watch TV.  His favorite shows that he likes to watch are Rick and Morty, as well as Game of Thrones! Besides watching television Amilcar also enjoys reading books, the majority of the books that he owns are about Space and Astrophysicists, because he has always had a love for the unknown in outer space.

Currently Amilcar is a Sophomore here at CSULB and is studying to be an International Studies major, all while minoring in Film. Amilcar is studying film in the hopes of being able to become a director.  Right now Amilcar is taking this class in hopes of fulfilling a General Education requirement. And he is focusing on his studies so instead of working part time he is a student full time.

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