This week’s art project I spent the class period drawing in the Japanese garden.  Mark, Jeremy, and I all sat pondside on multiple small rocks rights in the planter closests to the water. As we were going through the steps of drawing the pond we decided to combine all of our steps into one big sketch. Jeromey Mark and I all sat down looking  in different directions. As we were sketching  we were laughing and looking at all of the kids who came into the garden.

The section that I happened to look at had a rather large tree branch that came halfway through my view. This was the 5 minute sketch for I spent most of my time drawing the tree in the middle of the paper. For my quick contour drawing i decided to sketch the outlining of the pond from my perspective. For the 15-30 second drawings I decided to put ripples in the water. as well as rocks around the outline of the pond. For my 2.5 minute contour drawings I decided to make the rock bed that was close to the bridge. From there I went to the representation drawing, I looked at the deck, as well as the bridge. For the abstract drawing I attempted to draw the dirt path as well as the trees in the background using straight lines only. It was from there that I finished my sketch by adding the leaves on the tree branches as well as the  posts that went all around the pond.

Honestly this was by far my favorite project, it was relaxing, and fun all at the same time. I was with my friends drawing something that was beautiful and quiet. We were laughing at our lack of artistic ability but all the same we had fun working together. It brought me back to a time when I was little. In my home town we have a local pond called Alice Cac Park which honestly looked identical to the japanese garden here at CSULB. But I remember a time when I was little my sister and i used to go there and watercolor what we saw and I remember painting all of the Coy fish as well as the turtles that called the pond home.

This project was stress free and although at times it was frustrating not being able to use an eraser I had fun all the same. It was unique however needing to use different forms of drawing with time restrictions. I found myself at times racing the clock trying to finish the specific portion before the timer went off. I thoroughly enjoyed this project and I cant wait to see what we do for our last week. IMG_2412