Artist: Laura Lopez

Exhibition: Salvatica

Gallery: Werby Gallery

Media: Acrylic, Oil, Canvas

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Laura Lopez. Laura is currently pursuing Masters Degree here at CSULB.  When talking to Laura about her inspiration, she said that she was influenced by nature, but more specifically it was her love for the Jungle itself that brought her paintings to life.  She believes that the Jungle is a living creature with a heart beat. But it wasn’t just that she said that it was the jungle and nature itself which was a metaphor that everyone should live by. Adopt its principle and watch one’s life flourish the more connected one was to their roots.

When looking at Laura’s Paintings I was instantly attracted to her use of bright and vibrant colours. All of the colours melted together effortlessly into a smooth stroke of a brush. These paintings normally attract one to the background of the jungle itself but what popped out most were the animals which were hidden in her pieces.

When talking to Laura about her pieces she said that she loved to create big pieces, because it made and told a story. She loved to use bright colours as if to attract people to her art and  make the pieces more welcoming.  Her paintings consisted of the jungles but within them were flowing rivers, massive shrubbery and trees, as well as some animals in the mix. Her use of vibrant colours brought her paintings to life intriguing the students to come closer to the paintings.

When first coming into the gallery I assumed it was like any other I was on my phone talking with friends but it was as soon as I looked up that I was instantly entranced with the pieces beauty. These paintings stood massively comparatively to those in past weeks, hanging on the wall. Their bright colours warmed the room drawing me closer to them. Laura has mixed the vibrant colours of the rainbow together to create a masterpieces. When first looking at the paintings I couldn’t get past her use of colour, and it wasn’t until I stepped closer and began to look deeper into the work that I found the more and more I began to like her work.I wasn’t just looking at trees, I was looking at nature that had come to life. The animal of one of the paintings looked to be that of a cat and it stood out in her first painting. As I began to look at the patterns I became confused because within each tree was a different pattern of different shapes.  When looking at her art it was very easy to see the amount of effort and time that went into making these pieces because they were simply beautiful.

Unfortunately I forgot to ask if she had a website or instagram.