This week I had the pleasure of meeting Jared Malabed. Jared is a junior who is studying Mechanical Engineering here at CSULB and is taking this class in order to fulfil his General Education Requirement for art. Jared is originally frum up north in San Jose. Jared is a fan of Ice Hockey and he routs for the San Jose Sharks.

Jared is trying to find his passion in the engineering field looking for that special job that last puzzle piece to put his life together. Finding the track to to lay his course that will set up the rest of his life. Over the summer Jared worked for Syska Hennessy Group for an Air Conditioning company. Driving over 2 hours a day to get to work, learning the work required for his field of expertise.  Now Jared works for Long beach Tutor center where he tutors student athletes. He works to tutor athletes in mostly math however he occasionally works with engineering and Chemistry. Aside from that Jared is working on a research project at the HPRL lab on Campus, where he is working to design the perfect chair for posture. This project honestly looked very intriguing and difficult to do. Jared had spoken of the project how you have to attach electrodes all over your body to see which muscles are activated when sitting down and which are tensed and relaxed with perfect posture. And it was from that data that they are able to find the perfect positioning of a chair seat to obtain their desired outcome.

Jared also has a love for sports, Jared has played soccer since he was little, he even continued to play in high school until he tore his quad ending his season and career in soccer. Besides soccer, Jared also found a passion for Lacrosse in high school until he tore his hamstring, ending that career as well. and although he wasn’t able to compete he still had a love for the sports.

Jared also talked a little bit about his girlfriend who attends cerritos college, they had been together for a little over 2 years. Jared had then asked about myself where I had told him of my major being that of Kinesiology, and Exercise Science. I told him that I had been with my boyfriend for almost a year. I told him that I was from Santa Barbara and loved all sports, which is why I work at the Student Wellness and Recreation Center here at CSULB also known as the rec center.

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