This week we had the project of spending the night in the dark, without electricity. This week I spent a night this week without electricity, meaning no; computers, TV’s, Mobile Devices, Light Bulbs, Dance Clubs, Movie Theatres etc. Originally I was planning on camping over the weekend with my friends however the plans had been canceled. So while thinking of what to do for the weekend  my friends and I decided to go home. Upon arriving at my house we learned that the power had gone out in my whole neighborhood, because of a metal balloon flying through one of the electrical lines. The power had been out since noon, and wasn’t going to be coming back until the next morning. My friends and I had gone to the store to pick up candles, some ice and some snacks for the night to come.

My friends and I came back to my apartment where we put the ice in a bucket and moved all of our food from the fridge into the bucket to keep it cold. We lit the candles and scattered them throughout the living room and began our board game night. We were havin so much fun throughout the night and found that a night without technology was actually quite simple.

When looking at the assignment originally I thought that it was going to be a pain to do especially because I had a major test coming up, and a birthday party/game night to host  over the weekend leaving no time to have a night without electricity. I never really thought about what goes into it because everything revolves around electricity. So when picturing what to do I found it very hard to completely. However, because of the power outage the experience was quite simple, the only technology that we had to keep out of mind was that of our cell phones. So because we honestly had no choice in the matter in made the process easier. At times it was frustrating, wanting to use the stove to cook, or turn on the lights to better see, but it was a nice change to not be surrounded by technology or the night.

I would say that my quality of sleep didn’t change, because in my room there is no technology with the exception of my cell phone and the light in the room. However, my quantity of sleep was more than expected. I had expected to get around 8 hours of sleep, however, that I night I had gotten over 10 hours of sleep. I would say that living without electricity makes one’s life more organic and harmonious in nature because you aren’t dependent upon man made items.  Living without electricity at times is more limiting and at times depending on how you live your life may be perceived as boring, however, I had a more positive outlook on the experience.If your life revolves around technology than one would be very limited when it came to having a life without electricity, but if you are like myself and enjoy the outdoors then you will find a life without electricity is hardly limited or boring.

I think that people survived without constant stimulation very easily. When people grow up without something their whole life they never know whats missing. So to them the life without electricity isn’t a big deal because they have lived their entire life without it.  An ideal level of life activity and connectivity would be that of moderation. A day where you can enjoy your daily life without an excessive amount of  technology. Just enough to get by, and at night maybe relax without a movie, and cuddle up with a good book. IMG_2301