This week I had the pleasure of meeting Alice Andreini, Alice is a Junior here at CSULB  who has been living in Long beach for quite awhile. She has a passion for poetry, philosophy, and good literature. Alice has been painting at an elevated level for the past six years. She hopes one day to become an art teacher to be able to teach painting classes and continue painting once she graduates.

Alice like most artists has hidden words behind her piece. Alice wants us to hear her message from looking at her pieces. She hopes that overall her art is thinking about how we are unaware of these constructs in life. The example that she used is how we are always on our phones, which at times makes us unaware of time and affects our reality of it. Her art is focusing on landscape.

To Alice Nature and landscape is used symbolically and metaphorically for different ideological systems some topics of which she spoke of were romanticism and that of religion. She talks about how if you look at a golf course you have romantic, pure, static, contrived, and stays the same from day to day. But the true artwork is when you uncover the machine underneath, and the structures imposed on top.

Alice has inspiration which comes from her desire to paint, as well as her interest in special construct. That when she is creating her work she is thinking about how we will visualize/ imagine and create spatial illusions based on her piece.

The two pieces below are honestly breath takingly beautiful. The mash up of colors and the shapes really bring the piece together. The first one might be able to see what looks like a mountain ridge with a sun floating to the earth, in the background you can see what looks like mountain ridges, and along the base of the painting you can see what looks like shrubbery and or trees. when listening to Alice speak about the gold course I began to imagine the golf course in this painting, it looks as though there are two different bodies of water in the piece which might be water holes as hazards on the golf course, and then in the middle of the painting there is what appears to be a smooth compilation of different colours which could symbol the green. And then when the sun drops down onto the course the sun changes from that of an orange/yellow/white colour to that of a dark blue, which could also be the golf ball itself. This painting had a lot of blues, greens, yellows, oranges, black and white colours which were very prominent.

The second painting again after listening to Alice’s Story of the golf course is more so easier to see than the first. It is here using a variety of different colours, the most prominent being purple, blue, black, and white, that you can see the scenery unfold. In the background again you can see what appears to be a mountain ridge, and along the base there appears to be something of plant origin. But along the midline of the painting you can see the fairway, as well as what now looks like sand traps instead of water hazards, the sun looks as though it is covered by a cloud embankment.

These paintings were very mesmerizing and they created a seen using colors that blended beautifully on the canvas. The artist had great vision, and made the piece difficult to grasp first but upon deeper look you can see the true meaning. Like Alice had said before. You can’t simply look at a piece and know what its meaning and story is, you have to take the time and peal back the different layers before you can uncover its true meaning.  I love that this piece makes you think outside of the box when trying to recognize what the piece is about. you have to find the true artwork which is when you uncover the machine underneath, and the structures imposed on top. In these paintings the machine underneath is that of a golf course. It is hidden in the interesting and abstract shapes that makes up the painting.