This week I had the pleasure of getting to meet three people in Art class during our classmate conversation. This week Glenn had decided to make our artist conversation into a group of three however we had made our group one of four because one of our group mates was alone. Our group consisted of Trevor Young, Maria Romo, Adrian Martinez and myself.

The first person that I had gotten to know was Adrian Martinez,  Adrian is a fifth year here at CSULB and is graduating this semester with a degree  in Construction Engineering and Management.  Adrian came here right after graduating from Warren High School in Downey. Adrian is taking this class to fulfill his Art Generalization class. Adrian has a love for all kinds of food, and in his free time he enjoys going out to the bar with his friends on the weekend.  When he is not at school studying Adrian works for PCI which stands from Performance Construction Incorporated where he is an assistant to a Project Engineer.

The second person I was introduced to was Maria Romo. Maria is a first year here at CSULB in her second semester. Maria is a Communication major who is also minoring in History. Maria is Planning on getting her Masters in political Science. Maria came to CSULB right after graduating from Warren High School in Downey as well.  When Maria isn’t at school she is working for an assemblymember Cristina Garcia as a program coordinator.  In her free time Maria  loves to go to concerts, and when she can plays softball and soccer. Both of which she used to play in her childhood while growing up.  When Maria has down time she enjoys  watching Game of Thrones and Sherlock, and when she can she always enjoys watching movies.

The third person I got to hang out with was Trevor Young. Trevor and I both work at the Student Wellness and Recreation Center (SRWC) except Trevor works at the Fitness Desk and I work at the Intramural Desk.  Trevor grew up in torrance and is a junior here at CSULB and has recently just changed his major from fitness to Health Science. With his new change in major Trevor hopes to be able to go to Nursing School after college. In Trevor’s free time he likes to go to Concerts and trying new food. On the weekend Trevor likes to go to the Bars with his friends, as well as getting in some GYM time to stay fit which he does through lifting weights, swimming and hiking.

This week we had to make a a group note card which was inspired by one of the artist works. So we were inspired by one of the exhibits which housed the vertebra of a whale, so we had made our note cards into a beach scene with a whale tale coming out of the ocean.