For this weeks art project I found that I definitely have no future as an architect and or designer for construction. I definitely give credit to those with that profession because believe it or not finding something that is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing in not an easy task. The Wedge that I decided to enhance was the one at the USU on campus.This wedge is very small however its impact on campus is well known and has been viewed and discussed multiple times. The choice to either walk through the small wedge to save a couple steps on the way to class or to walk around the wedge is a decision that every student makes on their way to campus. Multiple choose to walk through the wedge however the wedge is so small that only one person can fit through it at a time in any one direction. Because of this a line forms in either direction either entering or exiting the USU and at times can be as long as 10-15 people.

When looking at the original assignment I had found it hard to change the landscape, and see how it would change and enhance the campus.  My initial design had originally fallen through because of the lack of support.  Originally I wanted to get rid of the wedge all together, however after looking at the surroundings I found that to be impossible because the wedge is comprised of two different structures that hold up the roof and awning. My second decision seemed more plausible, instead of getting rid of the wedge altogether, I decided to widen the wedge making a walkway that had the ability to fit multiple people in either direction.

This change in architecture is for the better because it will be able to increase flow of traffic in either direction This also makes the aesthetic of the campus more complete because it’s more open, However along with the change in size of the wedge I also wish to move the concrete benches farther out of the walkway to create an easier path for the students. But along with changing the benches I also wish to add a back board so that students will be able to lounge as they study or hang out with friends. This makes the environment more desirable when walking by. However by moving the benches more so out of the walk way it makes more room for disabled students to get through.

This makes it wheelchair accessible creating a more inclusive campus for those who are disabled.

Some of the tradeoffs for my design include a decrease in mobs around the usu entrance, as well as decreasing the time it takes to get to class. Another tradeoff could be that you are now able to walk with a friend/ acquaintance through the wedge instead of splitting ways. I believe that students will be talking about my change in architectural design in a positive manner. They will be talking about how my change in design is more easily accessible and has created a more open face of campus. They will see that my change in design was a dire need seeing as though students were too frustrated waiting in line instead of going around the statue.