Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: More Than A Sandbox

Media: Sculptural Ceramic

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: NA

Instagram: Artbywaters

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Brittany Waters. Brittany is a Senior here at CSULB studying Sculptural Ceramics. Brittany is originally from Northern California but more specifically Sacramento. It was here where Brittany was inspired as a child and had created her work based off of the wildlife and Nature of her surroundings. Brittany’s inspiration was one that stays true with my heart and her inspiration lies with Nature.

Brittany states that she was always inspired by the nature in which she lived at the time she was always surrounded by a constant cover of trees and clouds, but it wasn’t until she moved to a small beach town that her inspiration changed to that of marine life. Brittany spoke of how her artwork was not only a sculpture but it was also a statement.  It was based off of an actual location the San Gabriel river where 40-50 adolescent sea turtles live under the constant cover from predatory animals.  This statement showed that if someone were to take care of the beach they walked, there is a possibility of being able to see the turtles in an everyday life.

This week I was simply amazed as I walked into the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery, I was expecting to walk into the room like any other and see paintings on the walls and or sculptures around the walls of the rooms. Instead I was awestruck to walk into a beach, with piles of sand on the floor as well as a projection of the ocean waves crashing against the shore, as well as the sound system of the ocean waves. But it wasn’t just that, there were lounge chairs which were laid back in the sand with a beach umbrella creating shade on the sand. Not only was this exhibit aesthetically pleasing that wasn’t even the beginning of the depth of the beauty.  Brittany had gone above and beyond by not only hand carving the sea turtles which were embedded in the sand but she had hand sculpted over 100 ceramic sea turtles. It was one thing to end the exhibit there but it was another to go above and beyond by doing a photoshoot with the hand crafted sea turtles showing a day in the life of the turtle, It had shown the turtle busting out of his egg, as well as climbing through the sand to the ocean, and Finally the last of the photos showed the turtles finding their way into the water.

This exhibit had taken more time than the artist probably cared to admit, seeing as though each ceramic turtle had taken the better part of 40 minutes to create, the amount of detail in each individual turtle simple amazes me, and they are all almost identical. The sea turtles were a significant part of the life sized sculpture of the beach because they held a significance in Brittany’s heart. Brittany had said that she had personal ties to the childhood memories of the Sea Turtles.  During her childhood memories the Sea Turtles reminded her of her first trip to Hawaii, where the sea turtle was the first animal she had seen.

What I had found most amazing about the piece was the amount of thought that went into the piece itself. The amount of photos that were lining the walls was simply beautiful. Multiple photos were showing the depth of the photos showing the day in the life of the sea turtles as well as making the turtles themselves. but the artist had gone above and beyond what was expected of them when creating a beach scene. This sculpture had transported me to the beach, it was here where you could see the hundred sea turtles running into the ocean for protection of the seagulls. This exhibit has by far been my favorite to visit and the message of the piece really hits home.

When I was in high school I volunteered at a beach clean up program as well as a wildlife protection program which helped house hundreds of baby sea turtles. Brittany’s message was that to teach the people that everything matters. something as simple as throwing away a plastic bag or a bottle can be the difference for the public getting to be able to see the amazing event of the turtles rushing to the water after birth.   I honestly can’t wait to see more work from this artist.

Brittany stated that she had no website however she did have an instagram: Artbywaters where she posts photos of her work throughout her experiences here at CSULB.

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