This week I did my art project with my friend Trevor Young, Trevor and I had decided to create a little competition between the two of us to see who could create the more legible piece.  But there was a plot twist, which was that we both had to use our left hand to create our pieces. Trevor and I were laughing as we had created our pieces watching each other fail miserably, our letters blurring together. We tried to do block letters but we realized that we were running out of room very quickly. As we tried to fit all of the letters onto the cardboard we realized that we had to make the letters smaller. And we had both done this with Black paint, however since the requirements were that we used two colours, Trevor spiced up our names with a little green on the borders.

This experience had broughten me back to my childhood. Both my god brother and my godfather loved to work on their cars. My brother always asked me to help him spraypaint different sections of the interior of his car and we would do so out in the backyard with some cardboard. It wasn’t until he had gotten his job at a local car detail shop that we got to work with professional equipment which was cool, but still not as fun as a can of paint.

This project was a little frustrating at first seeing as though we only realized that our strokes were very fat and wide and left no room for error, as you can see in my painting my letters seem to blur together. However it was still fun none the less, However if I were to do the project again I would make sure that I would have something covering my face because the smell of the paint fumes was horrible. As well as place some other rags of some sort down as well to protect the ground, unfortunately I had done mine on grass and I’m afraid that I might have killed some of the grass, But luckily it was green paint! Now I know that I am no artist and working with spray paint is incredibly difficult which is why I have so much appreciation for the art of spray painting. It reminds me of the videos of people spray painting the golden gate bridge for tourists, that this artwork is their main source of income, and its beautiful. 51228029064__3CFB97F6-2CAD-43F7-974E-E7B0599F3540