Artist: David DeSantis

Exhibition: Day Dreamer

Media: Printmaking

Gallery: CSULB School of Art Dr. Maxine Gallery

Website: NA

Instagram: Rapturefineart

This week I had the pleasure to meet David DeSantis. David is a senior here at CSULB studying BFA Printmaking. David started drawing when he was 18, but he was only able to draw motorcycles and custom choppers and it was during this time that he realized that he wanted to expand his arsenal of what he is able to draw.

David  chose to come to CSULB was because it has an expansive printmaking studio and top art school on the west coast. Upon choosing what school to go to David had toured multiple campuses where CSULB Fullerton, and San Diego were his top choices, however his final decision was with CSULB. David was originally in graphic design advertising, and layouts typography  however her said that the major wasn’t creative enough and it didn’t have the right ending goal career wise so he had changed his major. David had changed majors immediately after taking a step into the printmaking studio here on campus. it was in that same day that he had dropped all of his classes and instantly switched over to all of the printmaking classes.

David has been in multiple small galleries exhibits before with a couple pieces however this is first full gallery all to himself. The main piece that I had focused on was a wolf. The wolf was supposed to be a commentary about going against “the man” and anarchy  because he is very against the government and “the man” so he had decided to produce a piece that symbolized his inner Anarchist. The piece supposedly took 16 hours from start to finish which was broken up into two different sessions from drawing up the initial design, etching the plexi glass, and then printing over it.

Making the painting looked incredibly difficult. The plexiglass had multiple etches which were all different lengths and widths. These etches were made with a variety of sharp tools. These etches composed an image with a shape of a jaw of a wolf, with abstract etches which built the markings around the mouth with hash marks all around the plexi, this is where the ink sits in the grooves creating the face of the beast. The Ink is painted over the entire canvas and is then wiped off and only the ink that sits within the grooves of the cuts in the plexi glass. After the paint is dry the piece goes through the printing press and is pressed with thousands and thousands of pounds.

When looking at the piece of art it was hard to see the hidden meaning within the peace, however: one could see, darkness, and power. This peace was all black with white etching that created the drawing. Seeing his fight against anarchy and the man was a bit of a stretch to see, but, when looking at his other paintings it was more apparent in his work the message he was trying to portray. Now this image I instantly connected with seeing as though the animal depicted was of a wolf. Now seeing as though I am Native American my name “little foot” comes from that of a wolf as well. I have always been able to see the hidden messages that are in the paintings of a wolf because of the stories that I was told as a child. Seeing anger, power, strength, darkness which at times can be used or interpreted differently among different artists. Fighting the man in this case can be seen as power as well as fighting against anarchy that can be strength.

When talking to the artist, he had said that he had no website, however he did have an instagram under,  Rapturefineart . It is on his instagram that you can see his printmaking as well as some of his original drawings of motorcycles and choppers.