This week I had the pleasure of meeting Jacob Siciliano who is a film major here at CSULB.  Jacob is a second semester freshman here who wants to have a career in the film industry. Jacob is looking to have a future as a director and or screenwriter however he is more into the writing aspect of the film industry.

Growing up Jacob had more of an interest in music than that of sports. Jacob plays the guitar and has playing for a while however he started to get more serious about his music when he was in middle school.  His favorite song is the Aeroplane of the sea, he also likes to play to the album of the song on the guitar. Jacob also has a taste for Indie music as well as icelandic music. We had gotten into a bit of a discrepancy on the importance of the icelandic music because I had never listened to it before.

When talking to Jacob about his favorite tv show he had said that Curb Your Enthusiasm  was his favorite TV show as well as Louis. He has always had a love for comedy. Jacob joked about how in his heart hea is a white middle aged comedian and that he can relate to the pieces on a personal level, and that at times they resemble his spirit animals. When Jacob had asked me about my favorite Tv show I had told him about my love for Smallville which he had recognized! He had told me about how he used to watch that show when he was a teenager and that it sported his love for Superman, which was the same as mine.

Jacob is originally from Lancaster California  and has been living in the dorms and is dreading going home over spring break. Which is why in his free time he likes to read and write. He had asked me about what there was to do for fun in my hometown and I had told him about what I do throughout the summer. Which coincidentally also involved a lot of reading and soccer.

When asking about if Jacob had a job he had said no, however he did like to take photos. Jacob is trying to advance his photography career and he has even created his own photography blog on tumblr: jacob’s ghost This was something that we had shared in common because I too have an interest in photography and used to work with a professional Photography company back in high school.