Artist: Christina Clay

Exhibition: Infinite Cities

Media: Illustration

Gallery: CSULB school of art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: NA

Instagram: MacnDrees

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Christina Clay on Wednesday March  8th 2017. Christina is an Undergraduate student who is in her last Semester here at CSULB. Christina had spoken of how she always loved to draw before coming to CSULB but her intended major had never permitted her to be able to draw, however after changing her major to illustration her free time was consumed with art. Christina was originally a business major unfortunately she was unable to pass math which is why she changed majors in the first place. Christina had started at the bottom, at the very beginning of it all she didn’t know or understand anything  when it came to creating artwork. After her major switch Christina has been doing art consistently for 4 years, mainly focusing on digital art.  Christina is a left handed artist who has had a dream of creating comic books,  to either be a writer, or a stencilist, or even a colour for another comic book artist as long as it involved artwork for comics she was happy.

Christina had one piece amongst many other artists work in Gatov Gallery west section which had the Theme of the show, “Word of the year with a political statement”.  However Christina’s piece had no political statement behind it. When asking Christina about her inspiration for her artwork  she had said that her work was based off of a character from one of her comic strips which she has been working on for 1-2 year.

It was within her piece that had a significant character. Within the Crystal was a character from Christina’s comic book, which was a work in progress. The character’s name was Alex short for Alexander who was portrayed in the middle of the crystal. Alex was a minor in his hometown, unfortunately I was unable to get anymore information about the comic because it would spoil the book.  She was currently working on the visual aspect and general story line done however she has yet to actually create the book itself.  The story behind the the piece itself was a scene from her comic book about who the characters are and their experiences, and the crystal was something that the main character had found, because they were Minors.  The piece itself was a silkscreen which are layers of ink which are stacked on top of each other, and the design was made by a stencil to maintain straight edges.

This piece itself was a black background with what looked like white stars scattered throughout the sky. In the middle of the painting was a large green crystal that had different protrusions sticking out in different direction, and within the crystal was a man that had a blue tint to it. The man was wearing what looked like a blue button up shirt that had black suspenders, the shirt appeared to be wrinkled and the collar was folded down however there was no tie. . The character was wearing glasses that had pink tinted lenses. his hair was combed up and again had a blue tint to it.

When looking at the art pieces it was easy to see the meaning within the piece. The piece of artwork was of a man within a crystal, and this work was easier to understand than most seeing as though you could see the physical crystal in the background of the artwork. Although the minor image was a bit of a stretch seeing as though the character Alex didn’t appear to be wearing minner clothes, for he was dressed rather nicely and had no dirt or grime on him. However I found that this image was easier to connect with because it was a hidden message within the work that I had liked originally. That not all things are as they seem. How you can’t determine something based off of its outward appearance, that you can’t judge a book by its cover. That Alex didn’t look like a minor from the outside, but it wasn’t until learning his story that the image clicked. Alex had looked cleanly pressed and of high class not the bottom of the food chain. And it was this message that had truly resonated with me because I too have been improperly  judged by my outward appearance, rather than someone getting to know me.

When talking to the artist she had said that she had no website, however she did have an instagram under, MacnDrees. It is on this instagram where she posts all of her artwork throughout her time here at CSULB. IMG_2354 (2)