IMG_2367This week I had a conversation with Mark De-Artola, Mark and I had spoken about the sports that we played in high school seeing as though we were both wearing our high school sportswear. Mark had told me about how he had played Rugby in high school and had done pretty well and even went onto Nationals. Mark  is even considering for playing for CSULB this semester as he had started to join the practices here for the club team. I had then told Mark about how I had played soccer for as long as I could remember and had even gone to Nationals as well in High school. I had told him that I am on the club team and play in 3 different leagues around long beach ranging from foot sol, to beach soccer, as well as a couple coed leagues. Besides sports Mark and I had also connected on the classes that we were taking. Mark and I had shared similar classes this semester as well as last semester and that before.

Mark and I are both aspiring Physical Therapists and are both in the Kinesiology program focusing on Exercise Science here at CSULB. We are currently taking Anatomy together as well as a History class, and last semester we had Kin 263 as well as Chemistry together. It is while taking these classes that we have grown closer as friends and are looking forward to the semesters ahead.

Mark and I then talked about what we do in our spare time. Mark had talked about how he has a love for fixing up his car which is a Volkswagon Bug. He says working on the car is like having a girlfriend but only better. He spends all of his free time fixing it up and enhancing the car making it run better. And I had told him that I loved to Rock Climb and go to the beach. I told him about how I  have picked up climbing last semester and have really taken a liking to it by going outdoors and going on different trips throughout the summer to different locations around California.

When we aren’t in school or are spending our free time rock climbing or fixing up our cars Mark and I are both working. Mark had told me about how he works in a diner saving money for school and to buy spare parts when needed for his bug. And I had told him about how I work at the Student Wellness and Recreation Center (SWRC), and that I work in the Intramural department. It is here where I save up for school and all of bills and things that make up being an adult.