This week I was able to make a Zine/ Flipbook of something that I related to. So I only saw fit to incorporate something that surrounds me in my everyday life. This Zine is a story of a Student who suffered the painful death of Anatomy.



This zine is the story of a student here at CSULB who is enrolled in BIO 208 otherwise known as Anatomy. Anatomy was known as one of the hardest medical classes offered on campus. It is designed to make you fail, also nicknamed as a weeding out course. The beginning of the semester had gone like any other, the student was studying to the best of their capability having fun everyone once and awhile and focusing on balancing all of their classes. But it wasn’t until the First Laboratory Practicum that the student had realized how much work was actually involved in the class. One of the pictures listed below shows the student struggling with the exam trying to figure out the bony landmark on the specific bone. The student is trying to recall one of the 206 bones in the body, but on top of that they ate trying to figure out the specific bony landmark on the specific bone. Trying to remember that each bone has the possibility of having up to 12 bony landmarks, all different, depended upon the specific bone. In this image you can see that the student is feeling the pressure of the clock counting down as they have 30 seconds to answer a question.FullSizeRender_2

Then next couple slides show the student relaxing after the practicum and the student involved in extracurricular activities, working, and hanging out with their friends. However the next slide shows the student getting their grade from the practicum and realizing that they had failed the exam. It is here where the student begins to doubt their intelligence and contemplate switching their majors. As the Zine continues the student continues their semester on campus.

The next page of the Zine is showing the student at their second Lab practicum, it is here where the student has gained a grasp of how the class works and is feeling more so prepared for their test, however what the student didn’t know was that the test had gotten longer and there was less time to answer the allotted questions. The student struggled to finish the test on time and when the buzzer went off the student was unsure about how they had done. After the exam the students had gone to their friends asking about what they had put on the exam trying to figure out who was right and who was wrong.

Continuing through the zine you see the student wasting multiple hours studying with their lab partner trying to figure out where they had gone wrong. The student went to the teachers office hours only to be made fun of because of their inability to spell on the exam. And it is the following slide when the student realizes how much trouble they had gotten themselves into. Their second grade had come back to them however they had not failed the Exam completely, Instead of receiving an F they received a D.

The last three slides show the student preparing for their Laboratory Practicum Final it is here where the student is living in the library, Eating, Breathing, Living Anatomy. The student has pushed aside all of their other classes just to study for this exam. And its 2 hours till the  the exam and the student is freaking out over everything that the still have to do. The student watches as the clock counts down and there’s 20 minutes left until the exam. The student runs out of the  Library and books it to the Hall of Science.

The Laboratory Final has come and the student has realized that they were severely underprepared. They are frantic as soon as they walk in the door because they are already stumped on the first question. They look around the room for inspiration on the different questions and it wasn’t until they were finally getting in the groove and started buckling down on the exam that the teacher had called time. The student looks down at the test and was moderately pleased with their work however it wasn’t until they were turning it in when they realized that there was a backside which they hadn’t gotten to yet.


After the anatomy final was over the student had realized that they hadn’t studied for any of their finals and ultimately caused the demise of the student. It wasn’t until after receiving their final grades for the Laboratory  Final that the student had ultimately died inside. Which leads to the last page of the zine which shows a tombstone of the student who had died at the hands of Anatomy. FullSizeRender