This week in the SOA Galleries I went to Amy e Williams Exhibit. This exhibit was a Ceramic exhibit which contained multiple small  ceramic figures with a multi color light that changed depending upon the button an individual pushed. Each ceramic figure changed in size, some being 8″ by 5″ others are 6″ by 5″.

This gallery inspired the story below: The Loanto Tribe of Lights.

Back before the  dawn of time the people of the Lonato tribe fought in courageous battles every night.  Every family protected their tribe to the best of their capabilities, their only protection was the light of their pure spirits which encapsulated their body protecting their every move.  These lights portrayed different colors dependent upon the family who was protecting the village at the time. The most prominent light was the light of Chief little foot, who represented his family with the color of green.

When the sun falls behind the mountain and the moon comes out to play the spirits of the Loanto people come alive as their igloos begin to glow, this bright light can be seen from many miles away but from afar the light is dim and hard to distinguish the color. On the inside of the igloos there are cut out portions of the ice which tell the tale of the previous night’s battle, the lives lost and the brotherhood gained. These markings on the insides of the house was the record keeping for the different families within the tribes. And their story of their battles went down in history and were known among the tribes throughout the land.

The Loanto tribe has never lost a battle because of the unity of natives within this village. The lights can be seen from miles away but only by  a lover of the earth! Many have heard of the battles of the of the Loano tribe however only the righteous have witnessed it in person. Their essence is put on display for everyone, their pure spirits in line of sight which at any point can fade away forever dependent upon the strength of the family. Their love and sacrifice for the tribe may be the only advantage that one has in battle, however; strength in numbers is the most successful fight path. Legend says that the fight of the Loanto tribe happens nightly once the moon is at its apex, and with the crack of thunder the lights begin to dance across the sky. This beautiful display is up in the clouds and every clash of color results in the formation of a new family or the loss of a loved one.

The stories of the bravery of men,women, and children  who fought for what they believed in and loved.  These lights dance across the sky and paint beautiful images back and forth every night. The clash of color changes patterns every second, the dance of colors intertwine and fade in the night, only to be replaced with a brighter color that represents the spirit of another member of the tribe.

At the end of the night the spirits return back to their respected igloos, their light illuminating the igloo for the duration of the night. Hundreds of igloos all glowing in the light different shades of any color that one can imagine. When the moon goes down and the sun comes up the tribe returns back to normal and caries out the duties as normal, when the sun sets the fight continues for the rest of the eternity.

To those who don’t belong to a tribe they see the the lights in the sky and are unknowing of the true heritage of what goes on each night. The others call it the Northern Lights. But I know the story of the Loanto tribe, and I will carry it out for the rest of my life and tell it to those around me.

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