This week’s art project was to complete an Automatic Drawing which would turn into a Human Spirograph. I did my art project with classmate Mark DeArtola, on the second floor of the library. Because we both live far away from campus we decided to meet up in a location that we were both able to get to. It was here in the library where we had gone to the art store to pick up our sheet of “Rives BFK” and our prismacolor nupastel pen to start our project. It was after picking up our material that we headed to the library to begin our project. We were unable to sit on the floor however we were able to sit at a relatively low childs table in the children’s library, because we wanted to reach our inner child as we created our drawing! It was here where we taped the piece of paper to the table and began our drawing.

At first we began to laugh thinking that we looked like dorks holding a pencil between our hands while closing our eyes and sitting at a children’s table drawing on a big piece of paper. But we had followed the directions by letting the pencil do the work and we watched as a design danced across our piece of paper. A few minutes later we had looked down at what we had created and we had found that we had a small design so instead of ending our project there we grabbed a second color and started the spinograph again. We had used two different colored prismacolor nupastel pens one charcoal black and the other terre d ombre brown. After continuing  our spinograph we had seen that the drawing had taken up the majority of the paper however there was a significant amount of the white of the paper showing through the lines so we began to smudge our lines dragging the color around the page! At the beginning of the project we were very skeptical of what we would be doing however at the end of the project both mark and I were pleasantly surprised at the drawing we had created.

The result of our drawing is posted below and as you can see we had smudged the lines to give more color to the page by blending both the brown and black pens together! When looking at the Spinograph we had found that we let ur inner child escape when we had rubbed the lines of the artwork leaving fingerprints on the page. It was only after we were done that we had looked at the masterpiece that Mark and I had created. We had found that there was an almost snail like pattern of a shell all around the paper showing three different sections of a circle within itself!   But we had found that later on once getting more acquainted with the movements we noticed that we began to move faster and faster the circles got smaller and smaller ending in the middle of the page!