Today in class I had a classmate conversation with Yuritiz Chaves! Yuritiz and I had gone back and forth talking about our lives here before college. When asking her where she lived before coming to Long Beach she had said that she was from Downey California which is about a 15 min drive to campus. I had then told her that I was from Santa Barbara which is about 2.5 hours North from campus. When asking Yuritiz about her major she had told me that she was a Human Development Major. I had asked about the courses that she was taking, which she replied with, two human development courses, a health science class, theatre class, and then this art class. It is within this major that she will be studying to be a Physician Assistant (PA). She is currently a Junior and will be graduating at the end of next year! If possible she will be attending PA School at University California, Davis. I however am currently a Sophomore here at CSULB who is studying Kinesiology and Exercise Science with the intent to be a physical therapist. It is within this major that I am taking two kinesiology classes, Anatomy, as well as a history class and an art class.

When asking about her inspiration behind wanting to be a PA she had said that since high school she had always wanted to be involved with the Medical Field.Yuritiz had found her passion for the the Medical field after volunteering at Kaiser and met a PA, and it was after volunteering at Kaiser that she knew that she had wanted to work in the profession so that she could help those in need. When telling her about my reasoning for wanting to be a Physical Therapist I had told her about my constant injuries throughout high school, and had spent multiple weeks in the physical therapist office. It was here where I had learned to run, jump and walk again, the physical therapist had given me back everything I had lost and I hope that one day I would be able to do the same thing for someone else.

Yuritiz has been helping those in need since high school through volunteering, here on campus she is apart of the medlife club, it is in the club that she makes food for the homeless and helps to serve them. Besides this she has also helped to paint the schools in in poor neighborhoods, solely for the reason of wanting to give back. This was something that we had both shared in common, all of high school I had spent multiple years volunteering at different organizations  throughout the town, donating over 4,000 hours to the community. It was here where we had talked about the different projects that we had completed and had asked many questions regarding the work that we had done.

Unfortunately our time was cut short due to the duration of what was left over in class so we didn’t have long to talk. However from the time that we were given I thought it was crazy to see how similar our lives were and yet we were from completely different backgrounds. It was at the end of the class that we had taken a picture together and had said our goodbyes but looked forward to seeing each other in class the next week.