For week 2 we did a Landscape with a corpse project, in this project we had to picture and recreate how we were going to die. For the last two years I have become an avid rock climber training is Sport Climbing, Lead Climbing, and have recently been learning Trad Climbing. In class we had to picture a way in which we die, so I thought it was fitting to use my biggest fear. One of my biggest fears was when climbing that my equipment would fail, causing a fall which would ultimately lead to my death. For this project I recreated my biggest fear; unfortunately due to weather conditions I was unable to shoot this project outside.Instead I used the ROA Rock Wall located in the Student Recreation And Wellness Center. It was here where multiple staff members and friends had helped me complete this project. We were hanging in the ropes for an hour taking pictures from different angles and used multiple sets of gear. In the photos we shot the final day in the life of Courtney Abigail Clyde. In the first photo we have her surrounded by all of her gear, as well as the wall that she had climbed that had caused her death. The following photos show her climbing the route, and slipping, upon slipping there was unnecessary tension on the rope causing the core to split and break, leading to the fall that had ended her life. The final two photos were taken as aftermath of the fall, as well as when the corners came to clean up the body and determine cause of death.