This week I ended up sitting next to Trevor Young, he is a junior here at CSULB studying Kinesiology and focusing specifically on fitness. Trevor and I had met at the plaster casting activity last sunday and started talking in class about the things that we were interested in. We had talked about the classes we were in, we had previously found out that we were in the same Anatomy class together and had planned to make another activity this weekend. In class however we went deeper than the pleasantries.

We had talked about what we did in our free time and had replied with nothing because of the lack of time with the courses that we were taking and both being employed through the school. Trevor had told me that he was taking an Anatomy class, swimming, and a golf class, and I had told him about the Kinesiology classes that I was involved in. the superbowl had later been broughten up by a different classmate and Trevor and I had talked about wanting to watch the superbowl, we both wanted the falcons to win, and hoped for a good game, unfortunately we had both been scheduled to work and would miss most of the game. I had asked Trevor where he was working and he had told me that he worked at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) in the fitness department working at the student help desk. Coincidentally enough I also worked at the SRWC but I work in the Intramural Department at the student help desk.

Trevor had asked me about what I was going to do for my picture with a corpse project and I had told him about how I wanted to recreate a death of my nightmares. I told him how I was an avid rock climber and how I wanted to die while climbing due to faulty gear causing my death. When asking trevor how he wanted to die he had told me that he was always scared of dying in a car accident. He said that he was going to create a car accident and said that he would be T-boned in an intersection by a semi-truck and or maybe an escalade. We had both taken interest in how we would die and further discussed how we would create these photos. I had told him that I was planning on going sport climbing over the weekend and would take my camera with me hoping to have enough light to take some photos but if I wasn’t able to get out because of the weather I would go to the rock wall in the school gym. I had then asked Trevor how he was going to portray his accident and he had told me that he was thinking of purchasing a glass cup and shattering it near his car and he would lie on the hood of his car making it look as though it had been shattered in the accident. unnamed