On the first day of class Glenn had asked if any of the students in the class had played any sports, Jeremy who was sitting to my left noticed that we had both risen our hands. He had stated in class that he had played Ultimate Frisbee where as I had stated that I played soccer. When it came time for us to pick a classmate to introduce ourselves too we had chosen each other. I was introduced to Jeremy Masterson. In our class we had gone through the pleasantries of: where we were from, what classes we were taking this semester, if we played any sports, and we planned to make the model project together over the weekend.

I learned that Jeremy was from Northern California, where I had told him that I was from Santa Barbara.  Jeremy had told me about his major which was Business/ Accounting and I had told him about being involved in the Kinesiology program on campus. Jeremy had asked me about the classes I was taking and I shared all of my Biology and Kinesiology classes. I had then asked him the same question and he shared about the Accounting classes and Business classes that he was enrolled in.  I later learned that Jeremy was a fan of sports, especially Hockey! Although he doesn’t play, his favorite team is the San Jose Sharks. He remembered that I was involved in soccer and asked about being on the club team, and I had asked him about the sports he partook in which was Ultimate Frisbee, in fact, he is on the club team here on campus as well. We both shared about the sport we played, how long we had been playing, and then were talking about our experiences on the club team!

At the end of class we had exchanged phone numbers and made plans to meet on Sunday to complete our plaster cast projects. We ended up hanging out at the beach all day drinking tea, making hand molds, playing football, and playing ultimate frisbee! Apparently he doesn’t like my photo according to his blog.