This morning my boyfriend Daniel and I had made a trip to Daiso to pick up a shovel and pastel kit for our projects throughout the year. After traveling to Daiso we left for Home Depot to pick up a box of plaster, a bucket, and a paint stirring stick. It was only after purchasing our supplies we headed to the beach!

Daniel and I met up with Jeremy and his girlfriend Shey, as well as Trevor and Mark from class. We met at Seal Beach to start our plaster mold activity. It was here where we began to prep for the activity by digging holes in the sand. Some of us had casted our hands while other had casted their feet.Once our hole was deep enough we placed our hand/foot in the hole and covered it up with sand. After we were set in, we placed water on top of the sand making sure all of it was wet, later creating our molds. Once our mold was set we slowly pulled our extremity out of the hole and began to make our plaster mixture. We then poured our mixture into our mold and waited 20 minutes for it to dry. This activity had taken two tries because I had pulled my hand out too fast the first try ending in the sand collapsing. However the second attempt was more successful!

While we waited for our molds to dry we all played football and ultimate frisbee. Once we were tired we sat down and talked amongst ourselves and shared a cup of tea courtesy of Glenn! When the timer was up we pulled out our casts and began the excavation process! I had found that I had place my hand in a rather odd way. Seeing as though my wrists are double jointed I had a rather larger protrusion sticking out of my cast. It was because of this protrusion that I had to do my cast a second time because I didn’t have stable casting. When it was all said and done we packed up our things and headed home. ¬†Unfortunately I lost a finger later that night when the plaster cracked upon moving in the car.

This activity was entertaining and fun to do and I had honestly never done anything like it before. However I am looking forward to doing more activities like this. Trevor, Mark, and I are all in the same Anatomy Class and we had found that plastering these molds could later help us with our studies! So we had made plans to create more the following weekend.